Global Blue - Tax free shopping

Global Blue Tax Free shopping brings you additional savings on purchases at over 300,000 store across the world’s best shopping districts. So why not join the 23 million travellers who shop Tax Free with Global Blue every year?

Tax refunding at Schiphol Airport

Click here for an explanation for tax refunding at Schiphol Airport

How to get your tax refund:

At the store

Get a GlobalBlue TaxFree Form. If you do not have a SHOP TAX FREE Card see "How to fill in your TaxFree Forms." Make sure your TaxFreeForm is filled in before arriving at the point of departure.

At the point of departure

Get a Customs stamp. Please allow time for the refund process. Don't pack away your purchases in your check-in luggage. You will need to show them together with the receipts to the Custom Officer.

Go to Customs before or after check-in, see Refund Office list. Present your completed TaxFreeForms, receipts, passport, and purchases items to get a stamp.*

*If you're travelling within the EU, get the stamp on your TaxFreeForm at the final point of departure from the EU.

Get your tax refund

Go to a Refund Office displaying the Global Blue logo. Receive your refund paid to your credit card within five days or in cash.

In a rush? Mail your stamped and completed Tax Free Forms and original receipts back to GB in the envelope provided and get your refund paid to your credit card within three weeks.

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